Why Does Apple Maintains iPhone Price High?

You might be wondering why iPhone maintains high price tags when other smart phones are cheaper and selling like pancakes! People are curious about why Apple still sticks to its expensive pricing when other cellular phone companies like Samsung, LG and Blackberry are almost at a relative price. This nagging question is like a mystery to the economic competition between phone companies. In the end, the iPhone will and always be elevated in all stats compared to other brands.

Research frontier


“The ever innovative – iPhone”

Apple has always been innovative with technology. It pushes itself way beyond what’s new. Research and testing of more sophisticated advancements are made. This practice needs funds to keep on going so that the public will enjoy newest features they can offer. Thus, scientific engineers are highly paid. If this would not be the case, technology would never be as fast changing as you are enjoying it now.

Pay for the patent

When you have invented a thing- drug, machine or software, it is but normal to patent it. You need money to cover your invention from theft and pay for the patent. Like, when you write a book, you want its copyright. Or else, the credit will not go back to you and also, the profit. Apple patents every technology they produce. They have the rightful claim to what they deserve. This contributes to the high pricing scheme of the iPhone.
When you have patented your technology, you have a claim ban to other companies not to imitate you in any form for as long as 20 years. Nobody is allowed to produce imitations of your product until the time span is done. This is a protection given to inventors to encourage then invent more things that can help humans.

Level of quality


“Unmatched Quality rules”

When you say Apple, top quality gadgets always ring a bell. Apple maintains their name to be known as the best in quality. High maintenance costs a lot. They do not rely their materials to fall under cheap workforce which is a common practice is common among cell phone companies.

Few consumers

Since iPhone is expensive, only a small group is willing to buy it. They are the outdoor lovers, adventurers, NGO, military and also, techie nomads. Apple is not really enjoying high profits considering the small number of buyers. However, they can promise a great value for money for those who buy an iPhone.

Satellite powered

iPhone can navigate even without a broadband signal. If you are lost in a place with weak signal coverage, fear not! You can directly ask for regional maps by just pointing it to the sky. This unique feature is not present in most of the popular brands cellular of smart phones.
iPhone is expensive for a lot of great reasons. The Apple Company is in the leading position on research to advance technology. iPhone competes with quality and not with price because, it values the satisfaction of those who are willing to buy it.

3 Tips to Spice up Your Sex Life


“Keeping the relationship interesting”

Sex is important in every relationship. At the beginning, making love always excites both parties. However, as time passes by, it is typical for people to begin losing interest. They do not want to engage in sexual activity as much as they used to. Their sex life becomes plain. In some cases, it barely exists.
A wonderful sex life is healthy for the relationship. So how do you spice up your sex life? Try something different. It can be in the form of a new position or sex tips. Interested in having a more exciting sex life? Read on and learn from these 3 tips.

Talk about sex

Some people are not comfortable talking about sex. Talking about it can spice up your sex life since it arouses you and your partner. There are a lot of things to talk about including sexual fantasies. You can also discuss activities that can add excitement. Also, be open with your partner and express your desires. Of course, you also need to know what your partner wants. That way, you can make the necessary adjustments and boost your sex life.

Introduce something new and fresh


“Introduce something new – Play games”

You do not have to do the same things over and over again. Do something different. No need to be dramatic here. Even a romantic board game that is designed for couples will do. You can also buy scented massage oils and give your partner a good massage. Sex toys are likewise available for you to use. Check the wide selection of sex toys available and pick those that suit your preference.
The easiest way to introduce something totally new is to try different sex positions. Anyone will get tired of having the same position every time. You can also go to a new place. Do not just do it in the bedroom. There are lots of places where you can make love. It is also a good idea to wear a piece of clothing that will arouse your partner. Your partner should be happy to see you wearing that kind of clothing.

Give your partner control

Most men love it when they are in control. It does not only mean being on top of you during lovemaking. You can assign one night per week where you simply follow everything your partner does and says. Being submissive will not just make your partner spiced up, but it can also excite you.
There are a lot of things that you can do to have a better sex life. The point is to give yourself a break from the routine. If you used to do it after dinner and before going to bed, try to have sex after waking up instead. Varying your positions and making it feel like it is still the first time can easily spice up your sex life.

3 Good Books That Can Help You Quit Smoking for Good

So you want to keep smoking but you just don’t have the determination to do so? Maybe you have to ask yourself what the main reason to quit smoking is. Are you afraid of the possibility of lung cancer affecting you 10 years from now? Or do you want to save your family from second hand smoking which is far riskier? If you wanted to live longer, look younger, and feel lighter you have to decide now. Quitting smoking is a big decision to make along with willpower and a powerful motivation to do so. Consider one of these books that might help you along the way.
1. Allen Carr’s “Easy Way to Stop Smoking” Paperback –


“Excellent book to help in quit smoking”

2. This is a top bestselling books in nine countries which has sold over thirteen million copies in the UK in 1985. This is the most famous quit smoking title with 80 percent market share on this area. This new edition, which is specifically published in American markets from the authors 5 years’ experience working with American smokers at a live seminar. Allen Carr is a chain smoker himself with countless attempts on how to quit smoking. Eventually he discovered an easy way to put an end to tobacco addiction. This is a good find if you are still having some difficulties to stop smoking.
3. How to Quit Smoking Even if You Don’t want To by Barbara Miller – If you want to take it seriously, this book is for you. In this book, you will develop the willpower to quit smoking ever. This is a no nonsense book. Barbara Miller is currently the Managing Project Director of the Center for Professional Communities in Education at Education Development Center, Inc. So basically this is not for the whiners with so-so intentions to stop smoking. If you really are determined, this book is for you.
4. Tom Fegurson, M.D.’s No-Nag, No-Guilt, Do-It-Your-Own-Way Guide to Quitting — This book is for those who don’t have a solid willpower to really stop smoking. The author addresses your concerns about the link of smoking to your health to psych you up to stop. This book lets you control, reduce, and eventually stop smoking on your own terms. It does not just help you throughout the program but also tackles the after effect of quitting nicotine such as potential weight gain and occasional cravings.


“Every puff you take will eventually shorten your life”

The best way to stop smoking is to know what you’re against of. Read books that lets you know the disadvantages of smoking. Since nicotine is addictive and makes you become dependent, you need to have the proper mindset to combat this addiction. Apply a program that suits you best. To quit and stay quit is done through mental and physical motivation.

How a Single Mom Can Save Money


“Ideas to save money”

A single mom has things cut out for her. She has to be the sole provider and even if she receives the support she will still have to spend for day to day basis. It will never do well for her to spend more as she will have no backup in case her budget gone awry. So a single mom needs to ensure she saves moneyto prepare for rainy days, see to it she has the cash for emergencies and backup if at times she was not able to meet both ends. And if you are this single mom, you understand to well how you need to save.

So, just how a single mom like you go around this and save more money?

1. Achieve clarity on your cash flows. You should be able to identify what you are paying, how much you need to pay each month and how much you need to save to be able to pay upcoming expenses such as tuition fees, baby clothes among others.
2. Make a budget that you can follow. A single mom, most of all, needs to learn to make an effective budgetfor your unique needs and be able to follow it.

3. Learn how to haggle and buy items at a bargain. You will need to patiently to compare prices and buy items at a discount.
4. Live without having too much luxury in a while until you can afford it.


“No point in keeping cash in hand – Save them or Invest them”

5. Don’t have cash literally on hand. You need to transfer money set aside for savings directly to your savings account so that you will not be tempted to use it on things you don’t really need. This will keep you from buying impulsively if you don’t have the cash – or credit card – handy. And yes, you need to leave the card behind if you have no plans to buy anything and you know you will come from a supermarket or stores.
6. Plan everything in your household including your meal. You have to buy your groceries all at once and you need to ensure you buy everything you need. You can only do this if you have planned your meal until the next pay day.
7. Buy clothes that don’t need ironing too much or not prone to fading and the likes. This will save you laundry detergent and electricity. It helps too if you know how to thrift shop. It is actually a fun thing to do.
8. Find ways to have some extra cash. And don’t treat this as extra cash where you can use it to buy just about anything. It is just called extra because it does not come in with your income and it might not be regular. If you earn some extra, set it aside to add to your savings.

9. Don’t spend the money before you have it. If you expect the child support can cover an expense and you spent extra cash on not so important things, you might realize you shouldn’t have when at the end of the month; the child support can barely cover your house bills. So if you have some cash, allocate it to where it is supposed to go.

10. Don’t forget to set aside an amount for you and your kids to have some fun. It is no good to get stressed out on saving money. You need to have some fun with your kids too.

The Art of Negotiation


“Master the art of negotiation”

It is not surprising to know that in everything we do, somehow, there is a negotiation included in it. What movie to see, where to dine, what time to meet, what kind of work to take, or even what price to pay a product or service. Negotiation is a natural part of any barter – the buy and sell of any goods. We experience this every single day in the grocery, when buying furniture, in the flea market or even wet market. In fact, the art of negotiation is fun; there is some sense of pride when you get an item at a bargain. When a sale happens after a negotiation, there is definitely a win-win scenario between the buyer and the seller. Whether you are either one, learning the skills of negotiation will prove helpful to you.


“Learn the best negotiation skills”

A lot of people flock in places like flea markets, antique shops or garage sales because it is where they can find the best bargains: clothes, collectibles, branded shoes and bags, gadgets and even bigger items like home appliances, chairs and table sets and even toys for the big boys. Thanks to those people who no longer want them, now you can buy them at just a fraction of its original cost.
Here are a few guidelines on how to properly negotiate for a good price.

Plan on what you want to buy:

If you know what you want to buy then it’s likely that you already have set expectations for this item. Fill in the details of size, quality, brand and reasonable price you’re willing to pay for it. You can even research the internet for the estimated price of the item you want.

Study the physical quality of the item you want to buy:

Does it have the quality that you expect? If you’re willing to take a broken piece will the cost of the repair is agreeable to you? Will it still last long enough for you to enjoy it? Is it in excellent condition, enough to pass as a brand new item? The level of negotiation will be based on the physical condition of the item; you’re in for a bargain if you can get it in its top condition. Be prepared for the seller’s haggle for a sale offer especially if he knows he is selling you an item that is still in excellent condition.

Observe the marketplace:

Are there other interested buyers of the same item you are eyeing? Are there any other sellers selling the same item that you like? More interested buyers and not enough sellers for the same product both mean price premiums can be put on this item. Note that your seller may use this to his price advantage.

Make a starting buy-offer:

This price is 30% below your non-negotiable offer. For instance if you’re willing to pay the item for $15 then make a $10 starting offer. You may or may not take advantage of the product flaws (if there are any) as your bargaining pitch to let the seller know you’ve studied the item carefully enough. In the same manner, accept your seller’s counter offer that is above the price, he’s willing to sell you the item. In this case, if he’s willing to sell you the item at $10, he’ll likely make the offer at $14. If you’re seller already made a price offer that is within your non-negotiable price, then it is time to shake hands.